From the staff at the reception desk, to the techs performing various tests, culminating with our annual office visit with Dr. Bahr, our entire experience was, as usual, totally amazing. Our young adult cat, who had been spayed last year by Dr. Bahr, was once again treated like total royalty by everyone. Judging from our fur-baby’s notably content disposition during this year’s pilgrimage, it is clear that she was made to feel all the love from everyone she encountered at Lakeside! Their upbeat approach to all things animal is indeed palpable, and Dr. Bahr has consistently provided only the best of attention and medical care to each one of our animals…a dog and a cat…both of whom aged gracefully and only recently left this world with dignity –because of the wonderful care they each received over the last several years. Dr. Bahr has consistently exhibited only the utmost compassion and caring concern that all vets should aspire to provide their clients. We are huge fans of Dr. Bahr and Lakeside, and would be delighted to share our positive experiences with anyone who might be considering their invaluable services.

Karen Ryan