How to Celebrate the New Year with Your Pet

Over 50 percent of the people who celebrate the New Year make resolutions. Whether it’s a decision to quit smoking or going to the gym more often, most of these resolutions are focused on self. Spending more time with your family might be an excellent new year’s resolution, but our pets are also part of the family. As such, they should not only be included in the celebration but in the wishes as well.

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Unique Ideas For Celebrating Christmas With Your Pet

Christmas is just around the corner, and most pet owners are looking for ideas to help indulge their little helpers. Be it a cat, a dog, or a parrot; you can still find ways to give them some attention amidst a host of new faces such as relatives or neighbors. Spending time with your pet not only enhances your bond but their health as well.

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4 Ways To Calm Your Cat During A Visit to the Vet

Pets are adorable, and the best companions and will follow you blindly almost everywhere, yet for some reason, cat veterinary visits are always a problem. As if the scratches attained during the wrestling match that ensues when you try to put your cat in a carrier is not enough, you have to deal with unlimited hissing and howling as you drive to the clinic. Then comes the long queue as you wait for your turn in the lobby.

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