Dental Health

Veterinary DentalYour pet needs routine dental care just like you do.  Poor oral hygiene doesn’t only cause bad breath, it can also lead to painful infections, permanent bone loss, difficulty eating, tooth loss, and other serious systemic health issues such as heart and kidney disease.   According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), dental disease is the number one health issue affecting 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three. At Lakeside Animal Hospital we are passionate about the importance of dental health as a major contributor to your pet’s overall good health.

Dental disease is caused by the combination of food, saliva, and bacteria which form a substance called plaque on the teeth.  This plaque mineralizes into tartar if not removed by brushing.  While brushing your pet’s teeth at home helps to manage dental health, it cannot replace a complete evaluation and cleaning by our Lakeside team members.  A complete evaluation of your pet’s teeth can only be accomplished under anesthesia.  This evaluation begins with a complete inspection of your pet’s gums & tooth root health by the veterinary technician and doctor.  Then a thorough cleaning, scaling and polishing of your pet’s teeth will be performed.  With at least 60% of a tooth’s structure lying below the gum line, oral radiographs (x-rays) are required for our veterinarians to complete the dental evaluation and to correctly assess the health of your pet’s teeth and mouth.  The radiographs will show problems that we cannot see with our naked eye; problems such as abscesses and bone loss which may be causing constant pain and discomfort for your pet.  The amount of dental disease and subsequent decay present in your pet’s mouth will determine if any teeth need to be extracted.

At Lakeside, our goal is to provide you and your pet with the highest standard of veterinary care, and providing the best dental care for your pet is a priority for us.  We want to help ensure that your furry family members remain happy and pain-free throughout their lifetime by helping to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.