Dr. Frione's 

COVID-19 Letter to our Customers

To our valued clients

Dr. Frione and Lakeside Animal Hospital wanted to take a moment to reach out to you during these tumultuous times to offer our hand in partnership and ask for your help as we work together to care for your animal family. As essential service providers and animal lovers, Lakeside Animal Hospital’s staff will always be here for you and your pet, through thick and thin. It is important for us to be transparent with you during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are in this together. We just wanted you to know what it is like on our side of the exam table to help you plan accordingly. 

First and most importantly, we understand! The constant disruption of our routine is taking a toll on us all and like everyone we are feeling the pain. It seems the news is all negative and the rules change daily. The world is being shaken to the core. We are mentally and quite often, physically exhausted. We suppose you feel the same. 

We ask for your cooperation in taking a few extra steps to streamline the appointment process. Follow the instructions we share when you call, so that your visit is as seamless as possible. When we all work together, we can help you best. 

Bring your cell phone and call us when you arrive to communicate where you are parked. Then, save our number in your cell phone so you recognize our caller ID if we have any questions. 

Sitting in the car waiting during your pet’s appointment is boring! We recommend coming prepared with something to do meanwhile. 

We want to give a special shout out to our customers for bringing light into our lives with kind words, uplifting support, generous gifts, and positive reviews. The vast majority of our clients, like you, are wonderful, thoughtful, grateful and patient as we work through new COVID protocols and seemingly daily changes in workflow. For those we are eternally thankful. If we could hug you, we would! 

When you have a positive experience, it would mean so much if you would share kudos with our team and in reviews. Kind words and helping our patients are what keeps us going in these crazy days. The generous souls who send us cards or bring us food are our heroes. Thank you, a million times! 

If you are unhappy, we do want to know so we can learn and improve. Please kindly share your experience with us so we may address it if possible. We promise to listen. Times are hard, but people do not have to be. We can learn a lot from the love and kindness our pets practice! Let’s look at each other the way our pets look at us and remind ourselves every day that we are in this together. 

Thank you for continuing to visit Lakeside Animal Hospital through these unprecedented times. We appreciate your patience, flexibility and understanding! 


The Team at Lakeside Animal Hospital