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Dr. Frione Gives PetMD Her Opinion on Bengal Cats as Pets

Lakeside Animal Hospital featured in petMD by Chewy
Dr Frione Gives Petmd her Opinion on Bengal Cats as Pets

PetMD by Chewy wrote an article weighing the advantages and disadvantages of having a Bengal cat as a pet and enlisted Plantation veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Frione and owner of Lakeside Animal Hospital to help consider the risks.

Dr. Frione says that Bengal cats can make great pets. However, their owner must know how to properly take care of them. She recommends that owners consider high-generation Bengals because low-generation ones are most like their wild leopard cat ancestors.

Dr. Frione warns that Bengals do not behave traditionally like cats and are filled with energy and playfulness. She also warns against bringing a pet Bengal in a multiple-pet household because Bengals are highly territorial.

Read the full article in Newsweek, here,

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