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Dr. Frione tells POPSUGAR: “How Often Should I Replace My Pet’s Toys?”

POPSUGAR (February 2021): Stuffed animal squeakers, treat dispensing balls, feather teasers — it seems like no matter how many toys our pets have, to them, it is still never enough. Sure, it is tempting to hold onto all of our pet’s toys — hey, us pet owners can get pretty sentimental and let’s be honest, pets love toys — but is it really safe (or sanitary) to keep them for a long time? How often should we be cleaning out our pet’s toy basket? To get to the bottom of this tricky question, POPSUGAR connected with three experts to help learn more about exactly when we should toss out old pet toys and replace them with some new ones.

As it turns out, how often owners need to replace their pets’ toys depends on the animal’s level of toy chewing and play intensity. “It may be a matter of minutes for some pets and a matter of months for others,” said Jennifer Frione, DVM, owner of Lakeside Animal Hospital in Broward County. “If a soft toy starts to rip at the seam and/or stuffing is coming out, it is time for you to replace it with a new soft fluffy toy for your four-legged friend.” Dr. Frione also told POPSUGAR that the same should go for rubber or plastic toys — if you notice they are breaking or pieces are easily coming off, it is time to toss them in the garbage.

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