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Happy Labor Day to All the Working Dogs

With Labor Day approaching, Lakeside Animal Hospital wants to honor all the working dogs: service, therapy, police, guard, sight, herding, trackers, detection, military and search and rescue dogs. Labor Day is usually the day that we celebrate people throughout the United States who have hard-working jobs, but where is the Labor Day for working dogs? They work just as hard, for long hours without pay (besides love and treats) and never complain. Let us take this opportunity to recognize their amazing work.

Working Dogs

War dogs have been around for centuries. They have been used by Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, and William the Conqueror, among many others. Dogs are used in times of war because of their loyalty and strength. Thousands of dogs work alongside the military, regardless of how dangerous it is for them. Therapy and assistance dogs do great things to help civilians. The police also use K-9 dogs to help catch criminals, sniff out drugs and bombs, and to keep the public safe. Guide dogs, a type of assistance dog, are trained to help people in life with disabilities. Also known as seeing-eye dogs, they are specifically trained to lead blind and visually impaired people, helping them navigate situations or obstacles they normally would not be able to. Search and rescue (SAR) dogs spring into action assisting humans during difficult times. They track people lost in the wilderness or those lost after a natural disaster. SAR dogs adapt to a variety of circumstances and work well under pressure. How many people can say that about their employees or even themselves?

service dog

Working dogs have real jobs that they take very seriously. These dogs have natural talents that are carefully honed with intensive training. Working dogs are trained to help others and they love the work. All working dogs are a valuable addition to the lives of their handlers, and most likely the lives of many others. So, if you know any working dogs, be sure to give them extra pets and treats this Labor Day.

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