Dr. Frione's 

Meows Matter

September is Cat Month, and we’ve dedicated not only this month but also every day to caring for our feline friends. Meows matter, so we have tailored our hospital to fit the needs of our unique kitty patients. Here at Lakeside Animal Hospital we appreciate that cats have medical, environmental, and behavioral needs that are unique, and we cater to them.

We have an entire room exclusively for boarding our cats so they never have to see dogs!  Our cats even have their own entrance into our hospital as well as their own quiet examination room.

We know that many cat owners put off coming to the vet because of how stressful the entire event is on pet owners and kitties. But just like dogs, cats also need regular preventative care to help them live a happy and healthy life.

We handle all our kitty patients gently and patiently. Even our vaccines are specially tailored to the specific medical needs of our beautiful feline friends. Each pet is different and each pet is special, which is why we use tools to lessen the stress during their visits like swaddling techniques and pheromones that are proven to calm cats.

We have taken extra special steps to ensure that our cat patients feel as comfortable and welcome as possible in our practice. Contact us at Lakeside Animal Hospital via phone at 954-474-8808 or visit us in person at 9601 West Broward Blvd Plantation, FL 33324 for an appointment with your cat.