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Newsweek Asks Dr. Frione’s Opinion on Why Dogs Misbehave

Lakeside Animal Hospital featured in Newsweek
Newsweek Asks Dr Friones Opinion on Why Dogs Misbehave

Newsweek published an article chronicling the top five reasons dogs become disobedient and say all five can be boiled down to the pet’s training, or lack thereof.

The five reasons Newsweek outlined were:

  1. Inconsistent/insufficient training and negative reinforcement
  2. Life stages
  3. Temperament and emotions
  4. Lack of exercise and boredom
  5. Health issues

As part of Newsweek’s article, Plantation veterinarian at Lakeside Animal Hospital Dr. Jennifer Frione was interviewed.

“Clear communication and positive reinforcement are key to getting your pet to obey,” Dr. Frione said.

Dr. Frione also zoned in on a dog’s level of exercise, saying, “Increased enriching activities such as food-dispensing toys, puzzle bowls and bones will help to keep them stimulated and less likely to partake in undesired behaviors.”

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