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The Spruce Interviewed Dr. Frione on the Best Dog Nail Clippers

The Spruce Pets reached out to Lakeside Animal Hospital’s Dr. Jennifer Frione for help with identifying the best brands of pet products to use for clipping dog nails. 

“Aside from cosmetic reasons, trimming or filing dog nails is essential to prevent overgrown nails and to decrease injury,” explains Dr. Jennifer Frione, DVM and owner of Lakeside Animal Hospital in Florida. “When a dog’s nails grow too long and touch the floor as they walk, pressure is applied to the nail beds first rather than the paw pads causing the pet discomfort. Additionally, overgrown nails will often grow into the surrounding tissue, causing not only pain but also infection.”

Dr. Frione was interviewed by the article author Camryn Rabideau, a lifelong animal owner and product tester. She currently has several cats and a Golden Retriever, and she personally tested several of the nail clippers recommended in this article.

For expert tips on what to look for in dog nail clippers, as well as tips on safely trimming your dog’s nails, read the full article on our website here. Check out the article on The Spruce website here

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