Dr. Frione's 

Tips for a Pet-Friendly 4th of July

Fireworks can be scary for our furry friends. While some pets may enjoy the commotion of these holidays, the backyard barbecues and plentiful fireworks can be stressful and hazardous for many.  It is not fun to see your pet in distress, and frightened pets have a greater chance of running away from home and causing harm to themselves. Here are some tips to help keep your pet happy and safe during this Fourth of July holiday:

1.     Have a safe area set-up for your pet during your celebrations.

Your fur-baby will feel safe and secure in a familiar area in the home. This safe space can be anything from a bedroom, bathroom, or crate. Make sure they have a comfy bed, toys, and water. 

2.     Avoid the Heat!

Many families spend a lot of time outdoors during the fourth of July. Make sure your pet has access to shade and plenty of water. Take extra precautions if you have a pet with a flat face, their squishy face combined with the heat makes it harder for them to cool down and breathe.

3.     Say No to Scraps

Your guest may feel the need to feed your pet their scraps. Rich table scraps can give your pet a stomach ache and foods like bones can corn-on-the-cob can cause serious damage to the digestive tract. Your best bet is putting your pet away in their safe space when the food is out.

4.     Provide White Noise to drown out the noise of fireworks.

Leaving the television or music on as well as a large fan to help drown out the noise of the fireworks may help with noise anxiety. 

5.     Microchips and I.D. Collars are so important!

Pets when anxious tend to get disoriented and run away from home. Having proper identification can help get your baby back to you safe and sound.

6.     Talk to your Veterinarian!

There are many products available for anxiety. D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromones), Feliway (Feline Pheromones), body compression wraps, and anti-anxiety drugs are just a few things your Veterinarian may recommend. Together you and your Veterinarian can discuss what works best for your pet.

Anxiety Medicine Reminder

Fireworks are fun but are not for pets! Contact us at Lakeside Animal Hospital for more information.