Dr. Frione's 

Ginger Cat Appreciation

Did you know that 75% of orange tabbies are males?

This is because of the “ginger gene” which produces the orange color is on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes and so need two copies of this gene to become ginger, whereas males need only one.

Cool fact, if both parents are ginger, then they will have all ginger kittens as well. Although early socialization plays the biggest role in an adult cat’s personality, there is some evidence that says cats’ personalities vary between different colors.

Male Ginger cats have a reputation of being assertive, vocal, and active. Female Ginger cats are known to be calmer and quieter.

The ginger coat comes in 5 types of coat patterns; classic swirled, mackerel/ striped, spotted, ticked, and patched. In celebration, of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day hold your beautiful orange tabbies a little tighter.

Don’t forget to share all the cool facts you have just learned about you Ginger fur-baby.

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