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Allure Magazine: “Demi Lovato Gave her Dog Eyebrows using False Eyelashes”

Allure Magazine reached out to Lakeside’s Owner and Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Frione to ask how safe it was for Demi Lovato to put false eyelashes above her dog’s eyes.

“As cute as Ella’s new look was, it’s probably best to refrain from putting false eyelashes on your own pets. Jennifer Frione, a veterinarian based in South Florida, tells Allure that if the lashes are placed too close to an animal’s eye, the sharp edges could cause a corneal ulcer and lead to infection. Furthermore, just like some humans are allergic to adhesive, your furry friend could be, too.”

Read the full article on our website here. View it on Allure’s website here.

Demi Lovato Instagram Post
Demi Lovato Instagram Post

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