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Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners in South Florida

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of danger for pets. With all the extra food, decorations and guests around, it’s important to take some extra precautions to keep your furry friends safe.

Here are some holiday safety tips to keep your fur babies out of harm’s way:


  • Many holiday foods are dangerous for pets, including chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts and onions. Keep these foods out of reach of your pets and be sure to clean up any spills immediately.
  • Don’t give your pet cooked seasoned meats either as they are high in fat and can cause stomach upset and pancreatitis.
  • If you’re having a holiday party, be sure to let your guests know about the foods that are dangerous for pets. Ask them to dispose of any food scraps properly and to keep their drinks out of reach of pets.
  • If you’re traveling with your pet during the holidays, bring their regular food, treats and water to avoid any stomach upset.



  • Some holiday decorations can be dangerous for pets, such as tinsel, ornaments, and electric cords. Keep these decorations out of reach of your pets and be sure to supervise them closely when they are around them.
  • If you have a Christmas tree, secure it to the wall or ceiling so that it doesn’t fall over. Place the tree in a corner of the room where your pet is less likely to bump into it.
  • If you’re one of the few in South Florida that have a fireplace, be sure to gate it off so that your pet can’t get too close. Hot coals and ashes can be dangerous for pets.


  • Many pets are shy or nervous around strangers. If you’re having guests over for the holidays, introduce them to your pet slowly and calmly. Give your pet a safe place to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed.
  • If you have young children visiting, supervise their interactions with your pet. Teach children how to interact with pets gently and respectfully.


  • If you’re traveling with your pet during the holidays, make a plan for how you will transport them safely. If you’re flying, be sure to check with the airline about their pet policies.
  • If you’re driving with your pet, take breaks every few hours so that they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel, call ahead and make sure that they allow pets.


Other Safety Tips

  • Keep your pet’s identification tags up to date in case they get lost.
  • Microchip your pet so that they can be identified if they are found.
  • If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, arrange for someone to care for your pet.

South Florida Tips

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure that your pet has a safe and happy holiday season and beyond!