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Fun Resolutions to Fight Pet Obesity

With the new year comes a renewed push for many people to live happier and healthier. It’s also an opportunity to help our pets get in shape as well.

To help you get started, here are some fun resolution ideas to explore with your pet.

Our 2021 New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to help our pets live healthier, too.

Healthy eats are the best treats

Obesity is a big problem for dogs and cats alike. Nearly all pet owners identify their pet as normal weight-even when that isn’t true.

Treat your pet to more nutritious snacks, like carrots and sweet potatoes. Add in more exercise and you both are on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Pump up the volume

For dog owners, morning and evening walks offer a valuable time window to get a little exercise. Why not push the limits and hoof it uphill, all the while burning up to 450 calories per hour?

Looking for lower intensity exercise? Try a vigorous game of fetch or chase to keep your heart rates up and unleash your pet’s pent-up energy.

Make wellness a way of life

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