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9 Must Have Items for Your Pet’s First Aid Kit 

9 Must Have Items for Your Pet's First Aid Kit - Lakeside Animal Hospital

Whether on a cross-country summer road trip with the whole family or getting out the zoomies at the local dog park, unexpected medical situations with a pet can arise just as quickly as they can with a human. Pet owners should be prepared for anything from a minor incident like a scrape to a broken leg to ingesting something that’s potentially poisonous.  

We highly recommend pet owners keep a first aid kit at home and in their car in case of a problem. A pet’s first aid kit should contain essential items that can be used to provide initial care and assistance to your pet in the event of an injury, illness or emergency.  

Here are the 9 items we recommend: 

  1. Bandages & Scissors  

Addressing a wound as soon as possible is vital to prevent further bleeding. We recommend placing gauze pads on the wound to stop the bleeding. To keep the bandage in place you can lightly wrap self-adhesive medical tape around it, making sure at least one finger can fit between the wrap and the skin to avoid tight pressure. We also recommend having a pair of scissors with a blunt point to cut the gauze pads and tape without accidentally hurting your pet. 

  1. Medications & Your Pet’s Medical Records 

We recommend having your pet’s prescribed medicines in your first aid kit. Your pet’s medical records should also be on hand if you must rush your pet to a veterinarian. 

  1. Sterile Saline Solution & Sterile Eye Lubricant 

Suppose your pet gets anything from dirt to smoke to debris in their eye. In that case, we recommend that a saline solution is present in your first aid kit to flush your pet’s eye of any irritation. We also recommend having eye lubricant in your first aid kit to help soothe your pet’s eye after flushing it out with saline. 

  1. Disposable Gloves 

When you are administering first-aid to your pet we recommend you use disposable gloves to protect yourself from any blood or toxins you might be exposing yourself to. 

  1. Muzzle & Leash 

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can become agitated and sometimes more aggressive in new environments. Having a leash and a muzzle in your first aid kit can help to keep your pet and the people around your pet safe. Muzzles can also ensure that your pet does not bite while you attempt to administer first aid.   

  1. Water 

Water is a necessary part of any living thing’s life. Water can be used to hydrate dogs on a hot day or if they have been active. But water can also be used to flush a wound or soothe a burn if they do happen. We recommend having a gallon of water and a collapsible water bowl in your first-aid kit.  

  1. Tick Removal Tool 

Ticks can be transmitted from animals to humans, so if you live in, or are going to, a woodsy area with a lot of tree cover, we highly recommend that you have a tick removal tool in your pet’s first aid kit. Prevention is also key so making sure your pet is on an effective flea, tick and heartworm medicine regularly will go a long way in helping combat diseases that these pests carry. 

  1. Emergency Contact Card 

When put in a situation, having all of your pet’s important contact information organized into one concise list is helpful. We recommend having a card with the phone number of your regular veterinarian, emergency veterinary clinics and animal poison control.  

  1. Treats 

And of course don’t forget your pet’s favorite treat! Treats are an excellent way to calm your pet and an even better way to make your pet happy. 

Our pets are more than merely pets, they’re family! So, when putting together your first aid kit for your home or for a vacation to take along with you, keep the needs of your pet in mind with our list above. Having a few handy items available can help you handle minor scrapes on your own or make your pet more comfortable before receiving medical attention from your veterinarain, if needed.  

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