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New York Magazine’s The Strategist Talks to Dr. Frione About the Best Things for Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

Plantation veterinarian Dr. Frione from Lakeside Animal Hospital spoke with New York Magazine's The Strategist about the best dental products to clean your dog's teeth.

New York Magazine’s The Strategist interviewed Plantation veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Frione from Lakeside Animal Hospital to discuss the most effective ways to keep up with your dog’s dental hygiene.

According to Dr. Frione, the most effective way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy is to brush them every day, but if that becomes too big of a challenge, there are alternatives.

“While brushing your pet’s teeth daily is ideal, sometimes that’s easier said than done,” Dr. Frione said. “There are multiple alternatives to help control dental disease.”

Alternatives to brushing your dog’s teeth daily include dental wipes, chews and dental diet food.

To read the full article in The Strategist, click here.

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