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Rover Talks to Dr. Frione about Understanding the Different Colors of Cat Urine

Rover talks to Dr. Frione from Lakeside Animal Hospital about what the different colors of cat urine mean.

Rover interviewed Plantation veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Frione to discuss cat urine, and how to determine whether or not your cat is healthy based on the color of its urine.  

According to Dr. Frione, one serious condition that cats can develop that will affect the color of their urine is hematuria (bloody urine), which Dr. Frione says is never normal. She also provides further symptoms of cats with hematuria. Those symptoms include visiting the litter box frequently, urinating outside of the litter box, crying out when urinating and/or drinking a lot of water. 

Dr. Frione went on to speak about the underlying conditions that cause hematuria in cats, saying that the most common cause of blood in a cat’s stool stems from feline lower urinary tract disease. However, she says the possibility always exists that the cause of your cat’s hematuria is more serious. 

“Other causes include infection, feline idiopathic cystitis, bladder or kidney stones, cancer, clotting disorders, and trauma,” Dr. Frione says. 

Hematuria can be a life threatening issue for cats so it’s important that cat owners monitor their pet’s urine for any irregularities. 

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