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Lifestyle Media: “Lakeside is Stepping up for Pets”

Lakeside Animal Hospital makes it easy for Plantation residents to care for their furry friends, and Lifestyle Media Group noticed.

In a March 2020 article, author Kevin Kaminski features Jennifer Frione, DVM, Veterinarian and Owner at Lakeside Animal Hospital, for doing her part to alleviate the Coronavirus-related concerns of pet owners throughout the city of Plantation.

“The owner of Lakeside Animal Hospital (9601 W. Broward Blvd., 954.474.8808; lakesideanimal.com) is offering curbside drop-off for pets requiring veterinary services, thus minimizing human interaction. In addition, Lakeside is launching concierge services for pet owners concerned about leaving their homes,” said Kaminski.

Our hospital arranges to directly deliver what you need as long as it is deliverable and within city limits. If your pet requires veterinary attention or grooming, we will bring your pet to the hospital and back to your home. Restrictions apply.

The article adds, “because of misconceptions and misinformation surrounding COVID-19, Frione also reiterates that infectious disease experts (and several health organizations) agree, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, that there is no evidence to suggest pets can spread coronavirus to other animals or people.”

In addition, given impending restrictions to day-to-day life, Frione suggests stocking up on supplies for your pets, as well as for the people in your household.

Read the full article to learn more or contact us for more information about your pet and how he or she is affected by COVID-19.