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Local 10 News: “COVID-19 Updates for Pets from Dr. Frione on”

COVID-19 has a lot of people concerned for the members of their family with four legs.

WPLG Local 10 reached out to our very own Dr. Jennifer Frione, Lakeside Animal Hospital’s Veterinarian and Owner, to ask for her advice on pets in the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Florida Vet on WPLG Local 10

Dr. Frione joined Anchors Neki Mohan and Layron Livingston via Skype in the Newsroom and offered some helpful tips.

  1. There is no evidence your pets can become ill with COVID-19 or transmit it to each other or humans.
  2. If you are ill with COVID-19, use an abundance of caution when handling your pets just in case.
  3. If your pet is showing clinical signs of a respiratory illness, it is possibly something more common in pets like influenza or kettle cough.
  4. When purchasing hand sanitizer and cleaning products, keep them out of reach of your pets because the toxic cemicals could poison your pet.

Lakeside Animal Hospital is also offering curbside pickup and concierge delivery services in order to accomodate social distancing. For more information, contact us.