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Great Pet Care Asks Dr. Frione: Can Dogs Get Dandruff?

Dr. Jennifer was featured in Great Pet Care providing information on dandruff on dogs.

Great Pet Care interviewed Plantation veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Frione to discuss whether or not dogs can get dandruff.

According to Dr. Frione, dogs can develop dandruff, and when they do, it appears as white, flaky scales on their coat. Dr. Frione adds that the white flakes tend to be more prominent along the back and can often cause red and itchy skin.

The article explores the potential causes of dandruff in dogs, emphasizing that various factors can trigger it. Dry air, improper grooming, poor nutrition, allergies, skin infections and underlying medical conditions can all contribute to the development of dandruff in dogs.

Dr. Frione also mentions the different types of dandruff that dogs could get, citing walking dandruff or Cheyletiellosis as an example.

“Walking dandruff, or Cheyletiellosis, is a skin parasite that affects dogs, cats, rabbits, and even humans,” Dr. Frione says. “It’s not very common, but it is very contagious and is characterized as large white mites ‘walking’ on the coat. The condition causes excessive scaling and itchiness.” 

Dr. Frione states that there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for dog dandruff.

“The treatment depends on the cause and should be tailored to the underlying condition

To read the entire article in Great Pet Care, click here.

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