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National Pet Preparedness Month

Our current pandemic and the start of Hurricane season is the perfect reason for getting yourself, your family, and your pet prepared for any emergency situation. Luckily for us pet parents; June is National Pet Preparedness Month, giving us a helpful reminder of what to do in case of an emergency or natural disaster. It only takes a short time to create an emergency plan that can potentially save your pet’s life.


It is important that your pet not only has a collar with their name and phone number for the potential finder to call but also a microchip. A microchip is a small chip the size of a grain of rice that is implanted by a veterinary professional between your pets’ shoulder blades under the skin. The device can be scanned and linked to your information at any animal shelter or veterinarian’s office. It is important to keep all of your information and your pet’s information current through the company your pets’ microchip is registered with. Make sure identification tags on your pet are current and easy to read.

Know where to go

During a hurricane, especially if you are in a known evacuation zone, knowing which pet-friendly shelter is the closest to you it is extremely important. Not all shelters allow pets, so knowing where to go could potentially save your pet’s life. Whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND.

Make a kit!

Having an emergency kit for your pet is just as important as making one for the humans in the home. Your kit should include extra food, bottles of water, extra medications, copies of veterinary records, leash and collar, favorite toy, treats, bedding, gauze, cling wrap, tweezers, alcohol pads, chlorhexidine flush, flashlight, and poop bags are just a few of the essentials to add to your kit.

For more helpful tips visit the FEMA Ready Pet Site or contact us at Lakeside Animal Hospital.