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Sun Sentinel: “Veterinarians turn to curb-side services for ailing pets”

The Sun Sentinel reached out to Lakeside Animal Hospital to ask, “what if your pet needs a veterinarian during this time of quarantine and social distance?” Dr. Frione answered while examining Sofi, a 3 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog with help from office manager Cristina Duran. (Pictured) Meanwhile, staff members at Lakeside registered pet owners outside the office. A sign posted outside reads, “Curb Side Service. Please wait in your car and give us a call. (954) 474-8808. We’ll be right with you!”

“Veterinarians turn to curb-side services for ailing pets,” by Rod Stafford Hagwood, Writer at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Curb your dog is taking on a whole new meaning during the coronavirus pandemic. Pet owners are finding that social distancing extends to the veterinarian as animal clinics are asking their clients to not come inside with their fur babies.

“We’re asking that clients remain in their vehicles and send a nurse out to collect the pet, get their history and listen to the complaint,” explains Dr. Frione. “The whole idea is to limit contact between person to person.” 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a stay-home order that mentioned pets and vets, calling veterinarians and pet stores “essential” and adding during a press conference, “We understand we need to be looking out for our pets.”

Despite not being able to accompany their dog or cat inside the clinics, veterinarians say that pet companions are comfortable with the new stay-outside set-up.

There has been opportunity as well. Lakeside Animal Hospital has started a concierge service to deliver pet medications and food to the door of their clients, who may not be able to leave their home. They will also pick up and return a pet who needs to see a vet. 

“We had to develop that very quickly,” says Frione. “My team was very helpful in making that work. They are very optomistic.”

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